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Some Mosque Info FYI:     I understand that there is some bitching and moaning by the big shots at the Suffa Dawat Mosque regarding the lack of contributions that 'members' are making to run the mosque.  Gee, tough shit folks you have enough millionaires there that they should be able to fund it without asking Joe and Jill Sixpack to pitch in with a few bucks.




Kennesaw mosque looking for permanent location 

July 28, 2015 12:00 AM  

The two suites the Kennesaw mosque occupies now are in Kennesaw Commons, a shopping center on Jiles Road near where it intersects North Cobb Parkway.<br>Staff-Hilary Butschek
The two suites the Kennesaw mosque occupies now are in Kennesaw Commons, a shopping center on Jiles Road near where it intersects North Cobb Parkway.
Staff-Hilary Butschek
The section of Pine Mountain Road where a three-acre property sits, near where it intersects North Cobb Parkway, where owners of the mosque are looking to build a permanent location.<br>Staff-Hilary Butschek
The section of Pine Mountain Road where a three-acre property sits, near where it intersects North Cobb Parkway, where owners of the mosque are looking to build a permanent location.
Staff-Hilary Butschek
KENNESAW — Leaders of a Muslim congregation in Kennesaw are looking to find a permanent location to build a mosque.

After about seven months at a temporary location in a Kennesaw shopping center, worshipers of the Suffa Duwat Center want to move.

Naser Omer, a leader at the mosque, and others spent about a month at the end of 2014 battling the Kennesaw City Council to get permission to use space in a shopping center off Jiles Road to hold their prayer services.

The council initially denied the permit, but reversed its decision when threatened with legal action.

The permit to use the shopping center lasts until December 2016, but Omer said there are plans underway to find a permanent space.

“We are just thinking that the permit is on a temporary basis and we definitely want to move to permanent place,” Omer said.

The plans are in the early stages. Omer said mosque representatives have not purchased any land or raised any money yet.

However, Omer said a new mosque could be built two years from now.

“We are looking at a location on Pine Mountain Road. It’s 3.5 acres,” Omer said.

Omer said he has a goal to raise $800,000 in the next two years, but he doesn’t have a plan for how big the mosque will be.

The proposed new location is at 6045 Pine Mountain Road, near North Cobb Parkway. That property is about half-a-mile away from the Kennesaw Commons shopping center where the mosque is now.

Omer said he believes the mosque has been a good neighbor to other businesses in the shopping center.  “There’s no controversy here. Our neighbors are happy. We’re happy,” Omer said.

Right now, the mosque regularly welcomes about 80 people at prayer times, which happen five times a day, but he expects that to grow to 150 people two years from now.

Mosque representatives will not have to get approval from the City Council to build a mosque at the Pine Mountain Road location, said Darryl Simmons, planning and zoning director for the city.

“They would meet with city staff to review what the design of the building is ... and if it meets all of our standards then we review it and approve it,” Simmons said.

Only if the property needed to be rezoned to build the mosque would it require approval from City Council, Simmons said.

The 3.5 acre lot on Pine Mountain Road is zoned to allow religious centers, Simmons said. The land is owned by Mary Estelle Holcombe and was assessed to be worth $45,800 this year, according to the Cobb County Tax Assessor’s Office. Omer said his organization does not yet have it under contract.

Mayor Mark Mathews said while the city has not confirmed the move, the city is willing to help.   “I’ve heard the rumors, but as of today the city has not received any factual information or plans from anyone regarding the mosque. The permit they received was for 24 months and they told us at that time that they would be looking for a permanent location. We will assist them in any way possible if they ask, just as we would any other organization or business,” Mathews said.

Kennesaw resident Eileen Alberstadt, who attended the city meetings and public hearings about the mosque in December when it was approved for the shopping center, said she always expected its members would find a permanent location.

“The mosque is covered by the (Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act), which means the federal government has already approved them to exist anywhere they choose, even if that means our local government has to change our local zoning,” Alberstadt said.

“It really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of this; our Department of Justice has already forced our mayor and council to accept their demands, so no one has any say on this type issue because the DOJ has spoken.”

I believe the report is incorrect in a number of respects:

1)  The land has been sold to  Kashif Rashid Rana, (Jan 20, 2015 for $95,000) the person who claims he will donate it to the Mosque.

2)  The 3.62 acres may not meet requirements for enough land to build a relegious structure (ie:  5 acres), (Church, Mosque etc)

3)  The Mosque DID SUE the City in Federal Court, the suit was dismissed about 2 months later and the City paid the Mosque $18,000 for their legal expenses


A New Mosque for Kennesaw

The recently controversial Suffa Dawat Mosque (aka: Masjid Suffah of Kennesaw), is now located in temporary quarters with 3 rental units at a down market strip mall Kennesaw Commons, at 2750 Jiles Road.  

The Mosque is going to relocate in Kennesaw with construction penned in for 2 years from now at a location just .46 of a mile (a 1 minute drive) from their current Kennesaw location just across Cobb Parkway.

The Mosque is requesting their members donate to what is expected to be an $800,000 fund for their new Mosque at 6045 Pine Mountain Rd NW (Pine Mountain is a continuation of Jiles Rd).

Donations are currently at $2,625, however several members of the Mosque are multi-millionares and the construction costs should be easily met within the 2 year window.

The heavily wooded property sold this past January 20th for $95,000, with it going from the estate of Mary Estelle Holcombe, who had owned the 3.62 acers (161,000 sq ft) and its 6 room 1,484 sq ft, ranch style house (built in 1900) for many years, to the new owner Kashif Rashid Rana of Kennesaw.  The Parcel ID is 20027902450.

The rather oddly shaped parcel is being donated to the Suffa Dawat Mosque by Rana.  The current zoning is R20 (residential). Taxes for 2014 were $1,597.
Neighbors with their property directly abutting the new Mosque will be some of the owners at The Village at Pine Mountain, with 17 of their homes affected and the Cedar Creek Professional Center at Pine Mountain and Cobb Pky.  

Across Pine Mountain Road from the new Mosque are another 12 homes which will be facing the new Mosque.  It is anticipated that home prices in the area will drop if the Mosque is built.  The Iman for the Mosque is Falzan Wahid and the Director is Mufti Fakhir Islam.

The City of Kennesaw is in the process of spending $3.7 million on a road project with the construction of sidewalks and the widening Pine Mountain along this 1.7 mile stretch of roadway. 

The existing 2 lanes will expand to 3 lanes between Cobb Parkway and Ellis Road.  This street construction will start in the first quarter of 2016.

(Below Photo of House now on property)
(Below Photo of adjoining HOA)



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Kennesaw Mosque Expansion Underway

The Suffa Dawat Center is full to bursting during worship ceremonies, so it is tearing out a wall and occupying a neighboring unit.

Kennesaw Mosque Expansion Underway

A Kennesaw mosque which stirred up a storm of controversy for months before it was even opened is expanding its presence in its new home.
The Suffa Dawat Center opened in April after an original decision to deny the mosque a permit was reversed by the Kennesaw City Council. Now, the mosque is a crowded hub of activity on holy days and is expanding to an adjacent suite to give worshippers more breathing room, FOX 5 Atlanta says.
Mayor Mark Mathews told FOX 5 that the mosque had used all the proper channels and filed the proper permits before beginning the expansion and said that the city was not going to take any action on the expansion.
Residents who were opposed to the mosque remain opposed to its expansion; one anti-mosque resident said the expansion means more Muslims in the city, which could lead to Islamic laws being put on the books.
The Kennesaw City Council originally voted down the mosque proposal, but reversed their decision two weeks later. According to WSB-TV, Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews said that city council members had their minds changed by legal arguments from the city’s attorney. Matthews added that the reversal was not spurred by any outside pressure or a complaint filed with the Department of Justice.
An attorney representing Muslims involved in the project told the AJC in December that the city’s rejection of the mosque whilst accepting a Christian church inside the same shopping center last year could constitute a violation of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act.
Similar violations were alleged during mosque expansion controversies in Alpharetta and Lilburn; in those instances, the cities allowed the mosques to expand, the AJC reports.


Neighbors react to plans on moving mosque into their neighborhood

Posted: Jul 20, 2015 4:15 PM EDTUpdated: Jul 20, 2015 4:35 PM EDT
A battle might be brewing in Cobb County.
In December 2014, there was controversy over a mosque in Kennesaw moving to a temporary location in a strip mall on Jiles Road. Now there are plans to move it about a half-mile down the road to Pine Mountain Road, and it's not sitting well with some neighbors.
The mosque would go in a wooded area surrounded by houses and an office park. None of the neighbors knew about the plans and they seem to have varying views.
"They've been very friendly," said Teresa Barnes, who manages Candy Man Inc. She says that so far, her eight-month neighbors, Masjid Suffah, have been as sweet as a piece of chocolate she was packing up during our interview. 
"Yes, you have your radical Muslims, but these people seem very nice [and] don't cause any problems," Barnes said.
But some in the community haven't always been cordial. Last winter, the mosque was at the center of controversy when it wanted to move into a strip mall. After the city council's original vote of no, Muslim residents threatened to sue the city for violating their first amendment right to freedom of religion. Later, council members reconsidered their vote and decided to approve the temporary location.
Now, there are plans to build a permanent mosque at a new location on Pine Mountain Road and there's a fund raising page setup to raise thousands of dollars to build the mosque near a residential community.
"I just don't want any kind of hate crime coming in," said neighbor Rickey Cole. "I think property value could go down because of that, and traffic could be a big issue because we already have horrible traffic on 41."
Jacqueline Waldon's property would also be in the shadow of the planned mosque. She's lived in Kennesaw for six decades and says, like husband's tomato and watermelon garden, the mosque would be a part of good growth for the neighborhood.
"Our church is outgrowing itself and we need a new place and I wouldn't want my neighbors to be offended by us building a church there, so I have no problem with them building the mosque there," Waldon said.
After a request for comment, the president of the mosque said he's talking with the board of directors and would get back to CBS46, but has yet to call us back.
They mayor of Kennesaw told CBS46 that so far, the city hasn't gotten any applications or zoning requests.

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Overwhelming Community Response Warrants Masjid Expansion

Jun 8, 2015
Alhumdulillah, Masjid Suffah has now been open for over two months. In this time, we have been blessed with a positive response from the community. We have an active group of members who join us for the 5 daily salah and nearly 125 community members in attendance for Jummah. We have also been able to launch several programs, including summer classes for children, Friday family halaqahs, and a daily hadith halaqah.

The fruits of the community’s efforts have certainly paid off. In fact, last Jummah, Brother Brandon Alexander accepted Islam. 

Please help us give him a warm welcome to the community. 

Because we have had a greater response from the community than we had initially anticipated, the masjid has begun to undergo construction for expansion. We anticipate completing the expansion before the beginning of Ramadan, which will include larger prayer areas for both the men and women and a proper wudhu area, insha’Allah. Here is a link to the plans layout.

We would like to thank the community for all of their efforts and for helping to make our vision of a vibrant masjid in Kennesaw possible.

We look forward to seeing everyone during the upcoming blessed month of Ramadan!

Architects Drawings:

Web Site at:

  Imam: Imam Faizan Wahid
  Director: Mufti Fakhir Islam




A)  Previously two 1,100 sq ft units comprised the Mosque in the Kennesaw Commons strip mall.  Now the adjoining empty 1,100 unit is being converted for Mosque usage, bringing the total to 3,300 sq ft.

B)  The long delayed finish to the construction work in the parking lot of the strip mall has finished.  The lot is still in need of a total resurfacing but for now the large pile of dirt and the blocked off parking area has been done.


aka: Home of the Suffa Dawat Mosque

For months the parking area of this downmarket strip mall was in bad shape and had 15% of the parking lot out of service and torn up.

Repeated complaints to the City have finally gotten the strip mall to make some of the needed repairs.

Part of the reason is that the Mosque wants  to add another adjoining unit to the 2 they already use, that unit is right at the area now being worked on. 

The strip mall seems to have finally been told to get it fixed or no certificate of occupancy for the Mosque expansion.


Once target of outcry, mosque now looking to expand

By Hilary Butschek

Owners who received permission from the Kennesaw City Council in December to open a mosque in a strip mall are planning an expansion.

Naser Omer, a supporter of the Suffa Duwat Center mosque, said the center conducts five daily prayer services, and Friday services are the most popular.

“That is the only day we have a large congregation as I have been saying from the beginning. We are short of space by just a little bit, so I thought let us expand it so we can accommodate for future needs,” said Omer, a Kennesaw resident.

When the applicants applied for a land use permit from the city to use a 2,200-square-foot suite in
 the Kennesaw Commons shopping center on Jiles Road, it was met by opposition from the City Council and residents.

The council first voted to deny the application, but the members that originally voted against it later changed their votes and the original denial was reversed.


At nearly every council meeting where the mosque was discussed, protesters attended and denounced the Islamic religion.

Kennesaw resident Dennis Goddard Sr. was one of the protesters and Friday, he again voiced his concern with the ideas behind the religion and the mosque owners’ intention to expand.

“I will always stand opposed to their Shariah law or any law that anyone would use trying to
 replace our law of the land — the Constitution of the United States of America,” Goddard said.


Omer said although there was opposition to the mosque in January when it opened, he has not heard any complaints since.

“The commotion we heard in the beginning has died down. It has been very quiet. Nobody has any problem with us. Everybody is happy around us,” Omer said.

One resident who previously complained to the City Council about her opposition to the mosque, Eileen Alberstadt of Kennesaw, said she now accepts it.

“I guess they have their religious freedom,” Alberstadt said.

The issue of religious freedom was raised by Doug Dillard, the
 attorney representing the mosque owners, when the council first denied the application to use a suite in the shopping center for prayer space.

Dillard threatened to sue the city for denying the applicants’ their right to religious freedom, and that’s when the council changed its vote to approve the application.

Omer stressed that the community has been supportive and accepting of the mosque since it opened.

“I have been checking with our neighbors, and asking that everything is going well. We are coexisting with good feelings all around,” Omer said.
Omer said he has to file a building permit request with the city to expand into another suite, but he has notfiled it yet. Darryl Simmons, Kennesaw planning and zoning director, said the mosque would not have to get approval by the City Council to expand. “It would just have to go through the normal business licensing process through the building services department. So they would apply for a building permit to make any changes to bring the building up to code and then get a certificate of occupancy and approval from the fire marshal,” Simmons said.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Also see info on the Mosque at:


For over 2 months the parking lot of the strip mall hosting the Suffa Dawat Mosque has been torn up and in bad shape.  Approx. 15% of the parking spaces are unavailable.

The 30 day Ramadan celebration (6/18-7/17) is now a week away with the heavy increase in traffic to the Mosque.  Additionally, the Mosque has decided to expand to the next unused unit and work was to have started on that Mon. June 8th.

The City is again sleeping at the switch and it is about time they woke up and took some action.

Same parking lot, same pile of dirt 2 months later.  Will it still be there on Labor Day?
------------------------------------------ 6/4/15

A correspondent informs me as follows:

"the mosque found a solution to Ramadan attendance issue, they rented the suite next door and they will start expansion construction next Monday (June 8th) ( they got all the permits)".

See also:



Email to:,  

Subject: Occupancy allowed for Suffa Dawat Mosque

I understand that today's (5/29) Suffa Dawat Mosque's main service was almost at full capacity with 75 attending the main service.  

I was told by an attendee that there was only 3 spaces remaining, so it would seem that the Mosque would not reasonably be rated for more than 78.  From my prior visits to the site, before it became a Mosque my guess had been between 70-80, so I was correct in that guess (see photos below).

As you know I had previously inquired of the City as to the rated occupancy of this unit and while I did get an initial estimate of 315 this was so high a number that it was not in any way reasonable.

Now with next months Ramadan celebration (6/18-7/17) the site will be crowded for the entire month and I and a lot of others in the community would like a firm and no-nonsense response as to what the allowable occupancy for this small area is and also we would like to know if City inspectors will make sure that this limit is not exceeded.

Also I note that recently there has been limited parking due to construction work being done in the lot next to the Mosque, taking out of service about 15% of the normal parking area. 

As you know many Muslims only attend Mosque now and then, not 5 times a day or even every day, attendence is mostly on Friday mid-day, but for Ramadan, those who don't bother for the other 11 months make sure that they attend a Mosque for those Holy days.

I would hope that the City will be proactive in this and make any concerns known to the Mosque leadership, otherwise I anticipate squeals and howls of indignation from the Mosque if you let it ride until Ramadan. 

As you know mishandling of this Mosque issue has already given Kennesaw international bad press and cost the local Taxpayers a settlement of $18,000.  This screw up is laid directly at the feet of the City administration;  ie:  City Attorney, mayor (small m for this mayor), and the 5 Council members.

I hope the City will get in front of this pending problem and area residents would like to know what the occupancy limit has been established for the Mosque and that it will be enforced.

William Harris
Citizen Journalist

12 Shaban 1436
May 30, 2015
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Masjid Al-HidayahAtlanta4.3
Masjid Al-hedayaMarietta7.9
Masjid Ibad-ur-rahmanMarietta8.8



The only sign of the Suffa Dawat Mosque at the strip mall are 2 small signs on the 2 doors to the Mosque.

They read:   'besm ellah alrahman alraheem' which translates to:  'in the name of God the most gracious most merciful', it's a phrase Muslim say when they start something.



Finally the City has put up the minutes of this meeting and confirms that the storefront Mosque has cost the taxpayers $18K.

If the City had not previously approved a relegious usage for another store front they would have been on firm ground in their denial of the usage to the Mosque as the zoning in that center was incorrect for the usage, BUT, once you allow one group a variance you cant then deny the next group the same usage.

The matter was lost before it began and the City Attorney Mr Bentley, Planning and Zoning Admin Mr Simmons, the mayor and Council should have known this before hand. Very sloppy workmanship on the part of all involved at City. They made the whole City look foolish plus costing us 18K of our tax dollars!

Council Chambers
Monday, February 16, 2015 6:30 p.m.

XXI. EXECUTIVE SESSION-Land, Legal, Personnel
A. Pursuant to the provisions of O.C.G.A. §50-14-3, the City Council could, at any time during the meeting, vote to close the public meeting and move to executive session to discuss matters relating to litigation, legal actions and/or communications from the City Attorney; and/or personnel matters; and/or real estate matters.

Motion by Councilmember Williams to enter into Executive Session as allowed by O.C.G.A. Sec. 50-14-3 for the purpose of discussing legal, motion seconded by Councilmember Sebastian. Vote taken, approved unanimously, 5-0. Motion carried.

6:55 pm Recess to Executive Session
Mayor, City Council, City Attorney Bentley, City Clerk and Assistant City Manager attended Executive Session.

7:27 pm Reconvene to Open Session
Councilmember Williams read the Board back into Open Session and directed the Mayor and City Council to execute an affidavit in compliance with O.C.G.A. Sec. 50-14-4, motion seconded by Councilmember Welsh. Vote taken, approved unanimously, 5-0. Motion carried.

Motion by Councilmember Welsh to authorize the City Attorney to proceed with the settlement of the pending lawsuit by the Suffa Dawat Center, not to exceed $18,000, and authorize the Mayor to execute any related documents, motion seconded by Councilmember Sebastian. Vote taken, approved unanimously, 5-0. Motion carried.


More info on this topic at:

Kennesaw Georgia is located about 20 miles NW of Atlanta, in Cobb County. In November 2014 a small group of Muslims wanted a Mosque to be added to a retail strip center. The City said 'No' as the zoning was for general business. Here are...

Also take a look at:




Did you know that when the City of Kennesaw 'settled' the Mosque suit that it paid them $18,000?

You wouldn't know if you went to the City Council Council Minutes for the 2/16/15 meeting for the rather simple reason that there are NO PUBLISHED MINUTES from this meeting.  (update:  they are now published) 

The publication of Council Minutes stops at 2/2/15.

Now if you go to the video of the 2/16 meeting and get to minute 25 you find that our mayor, City Attorney Bentley and the 5 stooges on Council go into Executive Session and when they return they ram through a motion to settle the suit and pay Suffa Dawat their $18,000.

This is at minute 28 and the reading of the motion, vote etc takes all of 30 seconds and if the City Attorney had been able to talk faster it might have been cut down to 15 seconds.  In any event the session was so poorly attended that I doubt anyone noticed and of course there is no record in published minutes of the action as they are NOT published.

Gee wonder why?  Perhaps they thought no one would notice?

Maybe our mayor (small m for mayor), City Atty and Council would rather not let the Kennesaw residents know just how badly they screwed up!

Keep up with this at: and

Subject: City Council Minutes 
Date: 5/15/2015 7:57:29 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time 


I see that the published City Council Minutes stop at 2/2/15. 
The videos are available online but not the published minutes. 
Can you provide me with the minutes of the 2/16/15 Council Meeting. 

Bill Harris

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  An intern had unpublished the minutes in error.

For those who don't subscribe, below is the latest MDJ article on this foolishness:

Kennesaw Cleared of Wrongdoing by DoJ 
— Hilary Butschek,   MDJ    5/15/15

Kennesaw officials were notified this week the city is no longer under investigation by the Department of Justice regarding how the City Council handled a request to build an Islamic prayer center last year.

The Federal Department of Justice launched an investigation into the city's zoning and land use practices Feb. 3, according to a letter from the department to the city.

The investigation came about a month after a prolonged decision by the City Council on whether to allow a mosque to use space in a retail shopping center for a prayer center. The council voted unanimously to approve the mosque after two months of back and forth and protests from residents.

The letter from the Department of Justice, dated May 7, cites the city's effort to change its code ‟to treat religious and non-religious assemblies equally.” The council voted to approve a change to its zoning code at an April 19 meeting.

With that amendment, which broadened the definition of a religious institution in the city's zoning code, the Department of Justice determined the city did not violate the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000. 


New Business Ribbon Cuttings in Kennesaw

    The City Website has a section titles: " WELCOME TO KENNESAW - The City of Kennesaw would like to welcome your new development to the City. "

    This section showcases new businesses and their ribbon cutting, complete with the mayor, a ribbon and a crowd of pleased people associated with the new venture.

    Currently there are 13 happy photos ranging from Sandra's Southern Traditions to Lazy Guy Distillery.
    What is missing is the grand opening 3 weeks ago of the Suffa Dawat Mosque located in a downmarket strip center on Jiles Road.

The mayor and 3 of 5 council members attended, guess they must have forgotten their camera, or could it be that they didn't want any publicity?

Kennesaw is enthusiastic about welcoming new businesses to the City. As new business owners open their doors, our Mayor and city officials celebrate your new venture by rolling out the red … Continue...

Mufti Fakhir Islam.United States Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Georgia
 Bankruptcy Chapter 7,  Case No. 12-51935 (Jan. 2012)  



For Suffa Dawat Mosque Info you can go to:
 and to see their site you can go to:

Mosque Contact, send an email at:,  Or call:  770-906-0838

28 Jumada Al-Akhirah 1436
April 17, 2015
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I understand that the new Mosque is now open for business with the Grand Opening about the first of April with Mayor Mark Mathews and three of the five Kennesaw City Council members and Police Chief Bill Westenberger attending for the ribbon cutting ceremony. 

I see that there is no sinage yet as to the identity of the occupant.  Only some flowers outside and what looks like realtor locks on the 2 doors.  Presumably the attendees have the code to open the lock box and get the door keys. 


NOTE: 1)  The City Council Sessions of March 2nd and Feb. 16 are now available online, they run 23 and 29 minutes. The only interesting item is that at min. 28 of the 2/16 meeting it seems that the City will be paying the Suffa Dawat Mosque $18,000 in settlement.

The agenda minutes for this date are not published yet. Sounds to me like the City got screwed out of 18K. The suit by them against the City was dismissed, presumably this is their legal costs that we are paying.

Keep up with this at: and

2)  The 34 pages of this Civil Suit can be found at:

Federal Lawsuit Filed in Kennesaw Mosque Controversy

The attorney representing the city's Muslim community says the lawsuit is procedural and meant to ensure the mosque will be allowed to open.

Federal Lawsuit Filed in Kennesaw Mosque Controversy

A group of Muslims filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Kennesaw on Tuesday which they say is meant to keep the city council from reversing its Dec. 15 decision to approve the creation of a mosque inside an area strip mall.

Doug Dillard, representing the Muslims, says thatthe suit is entirely a protective measure and will be dropped if the city council abides by its latest ruling in support of the mosque, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Kennesaw City Council originally voted down the mosque proposal, but reversed their decision two weeks later. According to WSB-TV, Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews said that city council members had their minds changed by legal arguments from the city’s attorney. Matthews added that the reversal was not spurred by any outside pressure or a complaint filed against the city with the U.S. Justice Department alleging violations of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, WSB-TV said.

Additionally, WSB-TV reports that council members who changed their minds said that the city’s new, more inclusive vision statement was a large part of their decision.

Kennesaw residents interviewed by WSB-TV following the Dec. 15 reversal believed that the outcry against the earlier decision caused the city council to backtrack to avoid appearing anti-Muslim.

A representative of the Suffa Dawat Center, which will operate in a shopping center on Jiles Road, says that it will take several months to ready the mosque for worship, and adds that only around 60 Muslims will attend Friday services. A much smaller number of Muslims will report to the mosque for daily prayers, the representative added.

Similar violations of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act were alleged during mosque expansion controversies in Alpharetta and Lilburn; in those instances, the cities allowed the mosques to expand, the AJC reports.



On Dec 30th Mosque attorneys Dillard and Sellers filed a long winded 29 page complaint "Suffa Dawat Center, Inc v. City of Kennesaw" 1:14-cv-04110-SCJ, and say in part:

Count 1 Violation of Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, (Substantial Burdens),
Count 2 Violation of Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, (Equal Terms and Discrimination)
Count 3 Violation of Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, (Limitations and Exclusions),
Count 4 Violation of First and Fourteenth Amendment to United States Constitution (Free Exercise of Religion)
Count 5 Violation of First and Fourteenth Amendment to United States Constitution (Establishment Clause)
Count 6 Violation of First and Fourteenth Amendment to United States Constitution (Freedom of Speech)
Count 7 Violation of First and Fourteenth Amendment to United States Constitution (Freedom of Assembly)
Count 8 Violation of First and Fourteenth Amendment to United States Constitution (Equal Protection)
Count 9 Violation of First and Fourteenth Amendment to United States Constitution (Substantive and Procedural Due Process)
Count 10 Violation of Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution
Count 11 State Law Claims
Count 12 Mandamus
Count 13 Injunction
Count 14 Attorney's Fees and Costs of Litigation

Anyone wanting a copy can email me and I will forward it to you via attachment.

NOTE:  If you want to see the 40 pages of the earlier case where Alpharetta initially denied a Mosque expansion it is available.  

CITY OF ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA, et al., Defendants-Appellees


use direct link at:

Also see the Oct 2011  AJC article:  "Mosque Dispute Divides Lilburn"



Well that cat is now out of the bag, the 'F' is for Fakhir.

Mr. Islam had some financial problems, initially he filed to go Chapter 13, on 12/6/10 (Case No. 10-96820), but then switched to Chapter a 7 Bankruptcy (Case No. 12-51935) in January of 2012.

The Bankruptcy Schedule D (Creditors Holding Secured Claims) lists 6 claimants with $26,760.02 being unsecured, Schedule F (Unsecured Creditors) lists 33 firms, from several American Express accounts to Sun Trust, totaling $136,893.99.

Mr. Islam was discharged from Bankruptcy 10/17/12, and shed existing Judgments from American Express, Citibank, Dealer Services Corp. and Suntrust Bank who went after him and his M&R Auto Sales. Another filing from Chase Bank was pending and was also discharged.

Former Citizen of India, Mr Adbul Kareem Amer, 'the engineer' behind the Mosque issue spent some of his millions fighting the US Atty General, Homeland Security and the Immigration Service under Civil Case 1:08-cv-00850-TCB with his 3/7/08 'Petition for Hearing on Naturalization Application'.

During the month the matter was before the Northern District of Georgia Court his application was granted and the matter was dismissed (mooted) upon the governments 4/4/08 motion.

Unit #109 is the former home of the Tae Bo Body Fitness Workout Center and is the proposed home of the Suffa Dawat Mosque.  The door seen at the right of the photo and the door at the left, mark the frontage of this double unit.

Note:  The entire frontage of the double unit is shown here, there are doors on both sides of the unit.

There are 2,200 sq ft in unit #109, however only 1,500 sq ft is available for usage as there are 2 bathrooms and one small office area at the rear of the unit.  

The best representation of the available space is found in the above photo, however, you should discount the 20% of the photo on the right side as that entire wall is made up of mirrors and makes the unit look larger than it actually is.

When looking at these interior photos you need to keep in mind that the south wall/right side of photos is all mirrors.  Take a careful look, the molding in the center of the above photo is the limit of the unit, the wall mirrors simply reflect back into the unit making it look larger than it is.

"Until construction plans are submitted, I can only guess at the occupant loads for this suite based upon the applicant's engineer report.
At 2200 square feet, the occupant load would be 315 people.
This could change once the final construction plans are submitted and the final floor plan is shown to me.
Mark Rice CBO MCP Building Official 
City of Kennesaw"

The City inspector has indicated that the potential occupancy could be posted at 315 people, but this is at this point only an estimate and my rump opinion is that you would be over crowding the unit if it was rated as anything in excess of a maximum occupancy of 70-80 people.  

Q)  What was the rated occupancy of the former Body Fitness Workout Center?  The new rated occupancy should not be more that this number.
============================================================= 12/18/14

Dec 18, 2014 

Mr. Sam Olens
Office of the Attorney General
40 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, Ga 30334 

RE:  Illegal Action taken by the Kennesaw City Council on Dec. 15, 2014 

Dear Attorney General Olens: 

I would like to bring this matter to your attention for legal review and possible action by your office. 

On Dec. 15, 2014, the Kennesaw City Council met and 4 of the 5 Council members attempted to rescind their December 1, 2014, 4-1 vote against a waiver of City of Kennesaw land use regulations* which in their 12/1/14 opinion and the City Council vote of that date, denied the Suffa Dawat's application for a 24 month waiver of City zoning/land use regulations. 

The Kennesaw City Council altered their votes AFTER the legal voting was completed by placing on the 12/15/14 City Council Agenda, at Pages 2 and 3, items H through K as noted in the attachment to this complaint*. 

I don't believe that this revote can be done under the City of Kennesaw legal charter and bylaws. It seems that the December 1, 2014 vote stands according to the law. 

I request that you and your office now take up the matter and if my contention is correct, see that the December 15th effort to rescind the original 12/1/14 vote is ruled to be moot and unenforceable and that the original 12/1/14 Kennesaw City Council vote stands. 



Council votes 5-0 to allow mosque in Kennesaw
by Hilary Butschek
December 15, 2014 09:39 PM 
Breaking News
KENNESAW — With a unanimous 5-0 vote Monday, the Kennesaw City Council approved a permit allowing an Islamic prayer center to open in a retail center, reversing its decision earlier this month denying the request.

The controversial vote came despite protests from a crowd of about 20 people outside City Hall holding signs with the words “Ban Islam” and “No Mosque” and waving American flags before and after the meeting.

Kennesaw resident Dennis Goddard Sr. discusses Christianity and asks questions of two supporters of the Suffa Duwat Center, outside Kennesaw City Hall on Monday evening. <br>Staff-Kelly J. Huff
Kennesaw resident Dennis Goddard Sr. discusses Christianity and asks questions of two supporters of the Suffa Duwat Center, outside Kennesaw City Hall on Monday evening.
Staff-Kelly J. Huff
Dr. Kashif Islam shakes hands with fellow supporter Rzwan Hashmi, as the petitioner for placing the center in a shopping center, Mufti Islam, center, smiles.
Dr. Kashif Islam shakes hands with fellow supporter Rzwan Hashmi, as the petitioner for placing the center in a shopping center, Mufti Islam, center, smiles.
 Suffa Duwat Center supporter and Kennesaw State University student Jeromey Marti confronts a man calling himself Capt. Linc Doberman with the Georgia Security Force III% group, as the III% leader, calling himself Gen. Blood Agent, listens in.
Suffa Duwat Center supporter and Kennesaw State University student Jeromey Marti confronts a man calling himself Capt. Linc Doberman with the Georgia Security Force III% group, as the III% leader, calling himself Gen. Blood Agent, listens in.
Georgia Security Force III% member Joh Doe protests outside the Kennesaw City Hall on Monday evening.
Georgia Security Force III% member Joh Doe protests outside the Kennesaw City Hall on Monday evening.

Monday’s vote, which was approved with a list of other items on the consent agenda without discussion, allows the applicant for the mosque, Kennesaw resident Mufti Islam, to use a 2,200-square-foot space in a retail shopping center off Jiles Road near Cobb Parkway as a Muslim prayer center.

Kashif Islam, the applicant’s brother, said he had no ill feelings toward the protestors.

“They have the right to protest,” Kashif Islam said.

Kashif Islam said he was happy he was given the freedom to practice his religion in the retail center and that the vote ended peacefully.

“This is not life and death. We’ve been living in this neighborhood for 15 years. Have you ever seen us getting into trouble? No,” Kashif Islam said.

When Mayor Mark Mathews adjourned the meeting, all the council members left the room quickly through a back door. Mathews remained but said none of the other council members would comment on the change of vote.

Mathews said Monday’s vote will allow the mosque to operate in the retail center, without stipulations, for 24 months.

“It was a fairly unusual experience for us, but I think we’ve taken action,” Mathews said.

The permit for the prayer center was denied with a 4-1 vote by the City Council at its Dec. 1 meeting.

Councilwoman Cris Eaton-Welsh, the sole vote in favor of the permit at the Dec. 1 meeting, said Monday said she was “glad we can move forward and focus on all the great things happening in Kennesaw.”

Councilwoman Debra Williams said in a statement to the MDJ after the meeting all she could say about changing her vote on the issue was “RLUIPA trumps.”

Williams is referencing the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, a federal law protecting religious institutions from discriminatory zoning laws, which the applicant threatened to use as a basis to sue the city if the permit was denied.

Protests turn out

Protestors outside City Hall were peaceful but vocal about their opinions on the mosque.

Karen Untz, a protestor from Cumming, said she was scared of what would happen to the community now that the mosque was allowed in and predicted it would bring Sharia law with it.

“They get a bunch of people in an area, and then they institute Sharia law, and then they beat their wives, et cetera, et cetera. I don’t want to go into all the other terrible things they do,” Untz said. “This is going to start happening all over the state.”

The temporary land use permit approved by the council Monday night gives the applicant 24 months to use the space before he will have to reapply, but Untz said she thinks the mosque will never relocate.

“Everyone knows there’s no such thing as a temporary mosque. Once they establish a mosque, they keep it. They own it for Allah,” Untz said.

Chris Hill, a protestor from McDonough, said he also thinks the mosque will lead to Sharia law in Kennesaw.

“Sharia law cannot be allowed to masquerade as a religion,” Hill said.

Gloria Williamson, a protestor from Jasper, called Islam is a cult and said it should not be given the freedom religions such as Christianity enjoy.

“It’s a cult. It’s not a religion because they teach hate toward Americans,” Williamson said.

After the vote, supporters of the mosque were confronted by protestors outside, and one Kennesaw resident, Holly Lacour, apologized for the protestors’ actions. Lacour, who said she lives just down the street from where the new mosque will be located, told the applicants she was sorry some Kennesaw residents had reacted negatively toward them.

“It broke my heart to see them treated this way,” Lacour said. “I identify as an atheist, but I support all rights to religious freedom. My neighborhood is very diverse, and that’s how I want my city to be.”

Dallas resident Danielle Longamore supports the mosque and said she thinks the protestors represent a minority.

“I don’t think that group of people really represents Kennesaw as a whole because of their unwillingness to talk and their stubbornness,” Longamore said.

Before the vote, Khalid El-Amin, a supporter of the mosque, said he wasn’t bothered by the protestors. He said he was there for the vote, not the protestors’ show.

“They have the same right to protest as we do. And, as long as the right people say ‘yes,’” El-Amin said, nodding toward the council inside City Hall, “all of this doesn’t matter.”

Kamaral Hosein, a supporter of the mosque and a Muslim, said he was proud of the council’s decision to change the vote.

“This is a victory not only for the mosque and Muslims, but for the whole community as a whole,” Hosein said.

Behind the vote

The City Council first voted to deny the mosque inside a retail center with a 4-1 vote on Dec. 1, with council members Leonard Church, Tim Killingsworth, Jim Sebastian and Williams voting down the application.

Doug Dillard, the applicant’s attorney, threatened the city with a lawsuit after the council’s decision to deny the application. Dillard said he could file a $1 million claim invoking Religious Land Use Act in Cobb Superior Court, according to a letter included in the application presented to the council at its Dec. 1 meeting.

After this warning, Mathews said all four council members who voted to deny the mosque individually asked the mayor in private to change their previous vote at the council’s Dec. 10 meeting.

Monday night, the council voted 5-0 to approve the four council members’ requests to change their votes. Now, the city’s record will show that the application for the mosque was approved 5-0.

Read more: 

and also see the WSBTV Video at:


From the AJC of 12/16/14

In a reversal, Kennesaw OKs mosque

Storefront worship center wins approval to seek permits.

By Dan Klepal  

   The Kennesaw City Council reversed itself Monday on the controversial issue of allowing a mosque to operate in a storefront on Jiles Road.

   The application for a land-use permit by Suffa Dawat Center, Inc., was rejected Dec. 1 by the Cobb County city when four of the five council members voted against it during a heated meeting at which many members of the public spoke out against the worship center.

   Each of those four council members — Leonard Church, Tim Killingsworth, Jim Sebastian and Debra Williams — reversed their votes Monday and approved the land-use permit, which now allows the mosque to seek the necessary permits to operate. Mayor Pro Tem Cris Eaton-Welsh voted in favor of the land-use permit originally.

   Nayyer Islam, one of the applicants for the mosque, said it will be a few months before the storefront is operational as a worship center. Islam’s attorney, Doug Dillard, said he will likely file a lawsuit in federal court against the vote two weeks ago to protect his client’s right to sue in the event that the council’s re-vote is challenged and reversed.

   If Monday’s decision isn’t reversed, Dillard said, he will drop his complaint. Dillard said he is satisfied with the result and appreciates the council members recognizing the vote two weeks ago was not proper.

   About a dozen protesters stood outside city hall Monday, holding signs that read: “Ban Islam;” “No Mosque;” and “Cults Have No Rights.”

   Samir Malik, who will worship at the center, said all the protesters are invited to the new facility.
   “We invite them to come out, peacefully,” Malik said “Put those signs down and we’d love to address any questions they have. Talk to us, one on one, in a peaceful setting.

   “There’s a very, very small minority that is opposed to us.”

   The Kennesaw vote was the latest in a series of metro Atlanta mosque controversies and the most recent to come to the attention of federal authorities. Immediately after the vote to deny the mosque, representatives of the mosque say they spoke to the U.S. Department of Justice about what they see as blatant discrimination in violation of federal law. In recent years, the Justice Department has intervened in similar cases across the country, including decisions by Lilburn and Alpharetta to deny mosque expansions. Under federal pressure, those cities ultimately approved the expansions.

   Islam said he expects 50 or 60 worshipers on Fridays; he expects the number will be about 20 or less during the week. Islam said the storefront was attractive to them because its rent was cheap and the location is central to their worshipers.

   There will be no limitations — or stipulations — required for the mosque to open. Mayor Mark Mathews said some of the protesters and the media made the land-use issue more controversial that it actually was.

   But then he added: “It’s been an emotional issue for every one.”

   Mathews said the Suffa Dawat Center will still have to get its plans for the facility approved, and get various permits, a business license and clearance from the fire marshal before becoming operational.

   “You think the city council is bad, go to a fire marshal, right?” Mathews joked. “At this point, what we’ve provided is the special-land permit that allows them to move on to the next step.”

   The re-vote was placed on the meeting’s consent agenda, which means none of the council members explained their change of vote. Mathews said each of the four asked that the issue be placed on consent. He called it an “efficiency” issue.


The 12/12/14 AJC Article:

Kennesaw to re-vote on mosque issue
By Dan Klepal

   The application to allow a storefront mosque in a Kennesaw shopping center will be back on the city council’s agenda Monday.

The council had rejected the application by a 4-1 vote on Dec. 1.
 Mayor Mark Mathews issued a statement Wednesday night, after a closed-door work session with the council, that said council members Leonard Church, Tim Killingsworth, Jim Sebastian and Debra Williams want to change their votes and allow the mosque to open.

  Each of the four council members had previously voted against the mosque.

  “...After further consideration and legal review, council members ... independently approached me in my office during a recess following (Wednesday’s) executive session and requested to change their votes cast in the meeting held Dec. 1,” the statement says.
Mathews says there will be no limitations — called stipulations — required for the mosque to open. Kennesaw staff had recommended approval of the request by Suffa Dawat Center, Inc., which wants to open a worship center at 2750 Jiles Road.

  Mathews said in the statement that the council is trying to achieve a mission for Kennesaw to be “an inclusive city with opportunities for all.”
 A group calling itself the Steering Committee of the Muslim-Jewish Dialogue released the following statement:

   “We are heartened that the Kennesaw City Council has acted promptly to correct its Dec. 1 vote and has (Wednesday) evening approved the application by local Muslims to establish a place of prayer within the City of Kennesaw. This decision is in keeping with the First Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees the right of all people to practice their religion freely.
 “Respect for the Constitution means equal treatment for all. Living up to this principle is difficult, but it is a precondition for achieving justice and 
peace in our communities.”
 In an email exchange Thursday, Mathews told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that no vote was taken Wednesday night — that the council members’ requests were enough to have the mosque placed on Monday’s agenda.
 “A vote (on whether) to allow them to change their votes will take place Monday,” Mathews wrote to the AJC. “If the council approves the request then each vote will be recorded accordingly. If the changed vote causes a change in the outcome of the item ... no further action will be needed.”

  There are five council members in Kennesaw — the four who now want to change their votes and Mayor Pro Tem Cris Welsh, who voted in favor of the mosque last month.




A week prior to this I had emailed the Kennesaw Chief of Police asking for the information.  No reply, so now I have made the inquiry 'official'.  

The space available in unit #109 is 2,200 sq. ft. less space for 2 bathrooms and some office area, leaving 1,500 sq ft for worship services.  I want to know what the KPD and Cobb Fire Marshal consider the Maximum Occupancy.

Here is the tentative reply:

From: Mark Rice  
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2014 3:35 PM 

To: Debra Taylor; William Westenberger 

Subject: RE: ORR - Bill Harris 

Until construction plans are submitted, I can only guess at the occupant loads for this suite based upon the applicant's engineer report. 

At 2200 square feet, the occupant load would be 315 people. 

This could change once the final construction plans are submitted and the final floor plan is shown to me.  

Mark Rice CBO MCP Building Official 
City of Kennesaw



Kennesaw council reverses course on proposed mosque

Wednesday night, in a stunning reversal, the Kennesaw City Council said they plan to reverse their decision about a proposed new mosque in the area. 11Alive News

Jon Shirek, WXIA-TV, Atlanta 12:19 a.m. EST December 11, 2014

KENNESAW, Ga. (WXIA) -- Wednesday night, in a stunning reversal, the Kennesaw City Council said they plan to reverse their decision about a proposed new mosque in the area.

All five council members met in private for more than two and a half hours Wednesday at Kennesaw City Hall. They met in private with the mayor and with the city attorney.

Just after 9 p.m., they reconvened in public, and Mayor Mark Mathews announced that the council members who had voted against the mosque last week wanted to change their votes and vote for the mosque at their next meeting, on Monday. That would allow Kennesaw Muslims to rent a storefront in a small shopping center just off of Highway 41 for their worship center.

Council members did not say why they were changing their votes to Yes. But the city was facing a certain, and expensive, lawsuit by the Muslims claiming that the city was violating their Constitutional rights.

So now the Muslims will not sue the city, and they will get their worship center.

"It's been a very sensitive issue for everyone," Mathews said. "Obviously, we all believe that Kennesaw's a fantastic place to live, to work, to play, to worship, and we want to try to make sure than everybody is accommodated as best as possible."

"It is exciting news," said Amjad Taufique of the Suffat Dawat Center. "On a personal level, I really think that's a very good thing that just happened, if the Council is going to go back on the decision and approve this thing. And this will give us an opportunity to invite our neighbors more, and understand us better, and be able to work together for the better community that we all live in."

"I'm very disappointed," said Kennesaw resident Carol Robertson. Robertson is against the mosque, but she criticized anti-Muslim picketers who demonstrated outside City Hall last week, afraid, they said, of Islamic violence if the mosque were approved. Robertson said they do not represent most Kennesaw residents.

She opposes the mosque because she believes it would make traffic and parking at and around that location -- the small strip mall at 2750 Jiles Road -- worse.

"It's not about faith. This is definitely a zoning issue. This is not the right thing for any faith, whether it's Methodist, Jewish, Catholic or Muslim. Wrong location," Robertson said.

The formal vote will take place at the regular Council meeting this coming Monday evening, and unless any of the council members change their minds again, it will be a unanimous vote for the mosque.

Council members who voted No last week and told the Mayor they want to change their vote to Yes:

Leonard Church
Tim Killingsworth
Jim Sebastian
Debra Williams

Council member Cris Eaton-Welsh voted Yes last week and does not want to change her vote.

Council members expressed support for approval for a 24 month period with no other restrictions or stipulations.


Regular Council Agenda
12/10/2014 6:00:00 PM
Intent to Rescind Decision on 2750 Jiles Road
No Department Selected

DISCUSSION ONLY:   Notice of Intent to present a Motion to Rescind
the action taken by Council on December 1, 2014 for the agenda item
listed under Old Business as "authorization for approval of a land-use
permit submitted by Suffa Dawat at Kennesaw for property located at
2750 Jiles Road."

------------------------------Probably the Wed work session will not garner more than Welsh and Killingsworth voting for a reconsideration.  Killingsworth of course is the hand puppet of the Mayor who is now trying to back away from his initial support of the refusal to allow the Mosque to be allowed to break Kennesaw zoning regulations.                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Mosque: Round II: Councilwoman by Joe Kirby, Otis A. Brumby III and Lee B. Garrett, - Around Town ColumnistsDecember 09, 2014 04:00 AM | 842 views | 2 2 comments | 2 2 recommendations | email to a friend | print


IT’S OFFICIAL: The Kennesaw City Council on Wednesday will once again consider whether to allow a storefront mosque to open in a shopping center on Jiles Road just off Cobb Parkway.

Mayor Mark Mathews has said he hopes a council member will ask for a reconsideration of the question at Wednesday’s meeting. And Councilwoman Cris Eaton-Welsh — who was the only vote on the council in favor of a rezoning to allow the mosque at last week’s meeting — told Around Town on Monday she will move the item forward if no other member does.

“If no one else stands up for it, I absolutely will,” she told AT. “I’m just really hoping one of the other members will step up.”

Asked if any members have had a change of heart since last week, she answered, “I really have no idea.”

If at least one member asks to reconsider the application, then a majority, or three out of the five members, would have to agree in order for it to be looked at again during Wednesday’s work session. The mayor votes only to break a tie.

Coverage of last week’s hearing on the proposal was dominated by anti-Muslim comments from opponents of the storefront prayer center.

Many predict Kennesaw taxpayers would be on the hook for attorney fees if, as expected, mosque-backers file a federal lawsuit in the wake of the rejection.



(2750 Jiles Rd, Kennesaw, Ga)


Do you remember this guy? 

Called 'the engineer' and a self described man behind the newly proposed Kennesaw Mosque.

This is the guy who got Mr. F. Islam to put in the application for a 24 month waiver of the Kennesaw zoning regulations so a store front Mosque could be put into a down market strip mall behind the Publix store on Cobb Parkway.

And as we all know this Mr. F. (What is the 'F' for?) Islam also put in writing the Suffa Dawat claim that there were no other Mosques within a 20 mile radius when there are at least 7, one as close as 8 miles away. This claim later got an apology from Mosque shill/attorney Dougie Dillard, you won't likely have heard about the apology as it was given in an (illegally) closed session before the start of the Dec. 1st regular Council meeting.

So even Dougie was apalled by the lies told by his Pakastani clients. He wasn't all that sorry though as he threatened to sue the City for at least $1,000,000 for enforcing the City zoning regulations.

Let's look a bit closer at Mr. A. K. Amer:
He is a multi millionaire. He lives in a gated estate at 2467 Sewell Mill Rd, in Marietta with a Fair Market Value, this year, of $795,000, down a bit from over a million bucks due to the downturn in realty prices.

He is listed in Cobb County Tax records as having a boat with a FMV of $728,640 and an airplane with a FMV of $66,640 and just in Cobb County the Georgia Secretary of State site says that he owns 4 companies: 

Hold on a second! 

Mr. Amer 'owns' a STRIP MALL?

Yep, Abdul owns the 11 unit, Shops at Hickory Grove, located at 2639 Hickory Grove Rd, Acworth, Ga. 30101, FMV of $2,074,900 and just 3.9 miles north of the location he insists on using in Kennesaw for his strip mall Mosque.

And here FYI is an interesting thing about this Hickory Grove strip mall, it has 3 empty store fronts, all in a row. Units #120, #130 and #140, all empty and for rent. This strip mall is just 2.5 miles farther from Mr. Amer's home in Marietta than the proposed Kennesaw location for a Mosque, Hickory Grove, being closer to I-75 it is the same 17 minute travel time from Mr. Amer's home.

You might wonder why this multi millionarie developer/engineer doesn't simply put his new botique Mosque into his Hickory Grove strip mall.

You might also wonder just why he wants to start a new Mosque in Kennesaw when he is .6 of a mile from the East Cobb Islamic Center, 1111 Braswell Rd, Marietta and 3.1 miles from the Masjid Ibad-ur-Rahman Mosque, 2692 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta. Rather than a 2 minute drive to the East Cobb Center he would rather drive 17 minutes to Kennesaw to his own Mosque?

Why aren't the other 7 Marietta area Mosques good enough for Mr Amer and his followers?


Update:  Recent press reports indicate that the Mayor is attempting to get the City Council to review/revise their decision due to threats by the DOJ.  See also: and also


Our wealthy 'engineer' Mr. Abdul K. Amer of Marietta, is no stranger to strip malls and in fact owns one in Acworth called The Shops at Hickory Grove, 2639 Hickory Grove Rd, Acworth, Ga. 30101, just 3.9 miles north of the location he insists on using in Kennesaw.

While the Acworth location is 2 miles further from Mr Amer's home in Marietta than the Kennesaw site, it is the same drive time of 17 minutes from his home as the Acworth site is a few blocks from I-75.

Why is he so anxious to put his new Mosque into a downmarket store front here in Kennesaw when he owns his own strip mall not far away?

He currently has as his tenants:  a Cleaners, The Hart of Grooming Unit #190, Chiro4Health #150, Stardust Tan#160, Posh Nail Salon, Little Caesars Pizza, Tropical Brazilian Wax #180.

3 units of the $2,074,000 strip mall are currently vacant.


On Dec 4th I drove the 4 miles from my house to the strip mall owned by Mr. Amer.  There are 3 vacant, side by side, units in his mall.  If he is serious about wanting a Mosque in a strip mall he has his own mall and could put the Mosque there rather than in the Kennesaw strip mall.

So why all the nonsense from Mr. Amer and his insistence on putting it in Kennesaw, both sites are a 17 min. drive from his Marietta home and his passes by 2 other Mosques to get to either of the sites.

Does he just want to cause trouble or does he really want to start his own Mosque?  Here is his own strip mall in 25 photos:



From Facebook:  A 7 minute video of the vote on the Mosque on Monday Dec 1, 2014:


Behind Kennesaw’s rejection of a storefront mosque

Nayyer Islam’s house is close enough for me call him a neighbor, though he lives in the plusher confines of the Marietta Country Club.

He is a physician – a diagnostic radiologist with a comfortable practice in Buckhead. Apparently he is very good at what he does. Islam studied medicine in his native Pakistan, but his residency included Harvard Medical School. He is a U.S. citizen with two American-born children, and a devout Muslim.

Dr. Nayyer Islam (center) and other mosque supporters gather as their attorneys conferred with city officials on Monday night.

Islam has marveled at his adopted country’s acceptance of religious diversity. “Every Friday my secretary – they know I’ll go for a one-hour prayer break. They don’t schedule any patients during that time. They’re so respectful. This is the kind of America that I know of,” he said.

But the good doctor has learned that some parts of the United States have a multi-layered system of citizenship – and that he is a member of the lower tier. On Monday, the Kennesaw City Council decided that it would rather endure the time and expense of a federal lawsuit rather than approve a two-year use permit for a small, storefront mosque in a struggling shopping center off U.S. 41.

Only a week earlier, Islam had participated in a public hearing on the mosque permit that was remarkable for, if nothing else, the imagination of Kennesaw residents worried about terrorism and what happens during Islamic worship services. “There’s something I’ve seen in a video where they don’t have shirts on and they cut themselves and blood comes out,” one fellow ventured.

“That was an eye-opener, that night,” confessed Islam, whose family is one of 20 or so behind the Suffa Dawat Center. A week later, the city council would bow to those fears.

Kennesaw may view itself as the spiritual home of the Second Amendment, a place where the head of every household is required to own a firearm – unless he or she doesn’t want to.

But on Monday, the city proved itself far less keen on the First Amendment.

That night, you could tell that city officials felt themselves under a good deal of pressure. We’re told that a 5:30 p.m. dress rehearsal – er, work session – preceded the 6:30 p.m. council meeting. But this is only hearsay.

In a rather liberal interpretation of the state’s open meeting laws, the entirety of City Hall was locked down for the early session. Witnesses were barred.

It was a balmy exile outside, with a beautiful sunset and a modest circus for entertainment. Signs carried by a handful of protestors included “Ban Islam,” and “Islam wants no peace.” One fellow, who described himself as a Christian, waved Israel’s national flag – thinking it would cause Islamic blood to boil.

In fact, this was something of a libel. During recent fights in Alpharetta and Lilburn to accommodate Islamic congregations, the Anti-Defamation League formally came down on the Muslim side. The Middle East is one thing, but in the U.S., beleaguered religions tend to stick together.

The most entertaining character in the protests was a fellow who zipped around in an electric scooter with three flags trailing behind – two American banners, and the discarded ’56 state flag with its Confederate battle emblem. He wore a holstered sidearm, dangled a pair of handcuffs over the back of his jeans, and passed out free copies of the U.S. Constitution.

A quick check showed that the First Amendment, with its promise of the freedom to worship as one pleases, was still there. Whew.

With the rehearsal over, the doors to City Hall were unlocked and the crowd allowed in, naturally dividing itself into pro-mosque and anti-mosque forces. Prayers were said. In the front row, Nayyer Islam and his brother Mufti Islam, with 20 or so friends, very deliberately put their hands over their hearts for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Dr. Nayyer Islam (center) and other mosque supporters gather as their attorneys conferred with city officials on Monday night.
Dr. Nayyer Islam (center) and other mosque supporters gather as their attorneys conferred with city officials on Monday night.
Very little time passed before city attorney Randall Bentley summoned attorneys for the mosque into a backroom for negotiations. The bargain that emerged was somewhat disturbing.

In their application, the would-be congregants stated that there was no mosque within 20 miles of City Hall – an important point in a religion where five-a-day prayers are a feature. In fact, a mosque in east Cobb County is 10.8 miles away. A mosque in Marietta is 9.6 miles away.

City officials demanded an apology for the misinformation, and got it from attorney Doug Dillard. Perhaps the council considered accuracy to be of supreme importance – though it is hard to imagine the same officials demanding exact mileage to the nearest Baptist church.

But perhaps, instead, this was payback. Perhaps city officials blamed Dillard for a story that appeared that very morning in the Marietta Daily Journal. Mayor Mark Mathews had told the newspaper and other media outlets that Kennesaw, as a matter of policy, didn’t allow houses of worship in retail spaces. The newspaper reported that, just last July, the council gave unanimous approval to a Pentecostal church in a shopping center. Oops.

The city of Kennesaw’s back-up argument against the mosque was about parking. The shopping center in question is emerging from a foreclosure. Many of the rental spaces are empty, as is most of the parking lot. See a quick video snapshot here, taken on Tuesday:

Nonetheless, on this private property, the city council demanded that the Muslim congregation give up the first two rows of parking spaces in front of their establishment – in favor of current and future users of all retail space.

Such negotiations are common between landlord and renter. But when the requirement comes from government, there is a back-of-the-bus feel to the demand. The message: Anyone who comes along, now or in the future, will have precedent over you.

Also, the Muslim congregation had to promise not to sue the city.

Nayyer Islam and his fellows agreed to every one of Kennesaw’s stipulations. Upon which the council rejected their permit on a final 4-1 vote. The entire exercise had been a charade.

The Suffa Dawat congregation has until the end of the year to decide whether or not it will file a lawsuit against the city of Kennesaw. Chances are that it will.

Dillard, the group’s attorney, is a kind of religious freedom specialist. He won settlements in those Muslim congregation cases in Alpharetta and Lilburn. It is very likely that, ultimately, Kennesaw will be paying the bill for Dillard’s rendered services. A large one.

If, perchance, you think this is a lonely opinion, consider this editorial in today’s Marietta Daily Journal.


How about putting the Mosque at "THE SHOPS AT HICKORY GROVE" In Acworth?

Our wealthy 'engineer' Mr. Abdul K. Amer of Marietta, is no stranger to strip malls and in fact owns one in Acworth called The Shops at Hickory Grove, 2639 Hickory Grove Rd, Acworth, Ga. 30101, just 3.9 miles north of the location he insists on using in Kennesaw.

While the Acworth location is 2 miles further from Mr Amer's home in Marietta than the Kennesaw site, it is the same drive time of 17 minutes from his home as the Acworth site is a few blocks from I-75.

Why is he so anxious to put his new Mosque into a downmarket store front here in Kennesaw when he owns his own strip mall not far away?

He currently has as his tenants: a Cleaners, a Dog Grooming business, a Chiropractor, Stardust Tan, Posh Nail Salon, Little Caesars Pizza. Google Earth shows signs saying he has units available for lease.

If there is no vacancy now he can wait for one to occur and use that space for his Mosque.

As you will see from various press reports a considerable amount of hot air has accompanied this issue.  Before you start reading these reports it is important to clarify that the City of Kennesaw did not tell the Suffa Dawat Center that they could NOT have a Mosque, they told them they could not have one in a strip mall long zoned for retail businesses.

The closest existing Mosque to the proposed one in Kennesaw is the Masjid Ibad-ur-Rahman Mosque, 2692 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, Ga 30066.  It is 8.8 miles away, next is East Cobb Islamic Center, 1111 Braswell Rd, Marietta, 10 miles. In fact there are at least 7 already up and running and serving this areas Muslim community and a total of 74 Mosques in North Georgia.

A very wealthy Marietta Muslim, Abdul Kareem Amer, who lives 6 blocks from one of the above referenced Mosques and 3 miles from another, gets a Kennesaw Mulsim, Mr. F. Islam, to put in a 'straw man' application for a store front Mosque in a retail center and also gets Mr. Islam to put forth a bogus claim to the City that there is 'no Mosque within a 20 mile radius' for the Kennesaw Muslims to use.

This rich Marietta Muslim wanted to run his own little botique Mosque and thought he would put it in a 2nd rate downmarket strip mall in Kennesaw where he would be a big fish in a small pond.

All the Suffa Dawat Center and Mr Amer needs to do is to make sure of the zoning and then buy some land and put up their Mosque.

Trying to sneak one in where it has no business being and lying about the lack of area Mosques isn't the way to do things.


1)  Select a property correctly zoned for a Mosque

2)  Buy the property

3)  Build the Mosque

4)  Stop whining!

Kennesaw City Council denies mosque in shopping center
by Hilary Butschek
December 01, 2014 10:04 PM | 172 views | 0 0 comments | 13 13 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Breaking News

KENNESAW — The City Council denied a request by Muslim residents 
to use space in a retail shopping center as a prayer center by a 4-1 vote 
Monday night, with Councilwoman Cris Eaton-Welsh voting in favor.

Traffic Engineer Abdul Amer and the Suffa Dawat Center applicant Mufti Islam exit the Kennesaw City Council Chambers on Monday night after the request to receive a 2-year land-use permit to create an Islamic worship and education center was denied by the City Council. <br>Staff-Kelly J. Huff
Traffic Engineer Abdul Amer and the Suffa Dawat Center applicant 
Mufti Islam exit the Kennesaw City Council Chambers on Monday 
night after the request to receive a 2-year land-use permit to create 
an Islamic worship and education center was denied by the City Council.
Staff-Kelly J. Huff
Tammy Pacheco of Acworth and Kylista Rodriguez of Kennesaw lead a group of protesters Monday night.

Tammy Pacheco of Acworth and Kylista Rodriguez of Kennesaw lead 
a group of protesters Monday night.
Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews adjourns the meeting after the council voted to deny the Suffa Dawat Center a 2-year land-use permit.

Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews adjourns the meeting after the 
council voted to deny the Suffa Dawat Center a 2-year land-use permit.
Atlanta attorney Doug Dillard, representing the Suffa Dawat Center, along with Dr. Nayyer Islam, addresses the media after the meeting.

Atlanta attorney Doug Dillard, representing the Suffa Dawat Center, 
along with Dr. Nayyer Islam, addresses the media after the meeting.

Doug Dillard, the attorney representing the applicant, Suffa Dawat Center at Kennesaw, said the council’s denial was a blatant attack on the applicant’s First Amendment rights to practice religion freely. Dillard said the applicant, Mufti Islam, will fight back, and he has plans to bring a lawsuit against the city.

“We think it’s discriminatory, and it violates equal terms,” Dillard said. “They had no reason to deny this.”

Nayyer Islam, who represents the mosque, said they will continue to fight for their right to worship in the retail center.

“We’ll follow all the legal ways to continue to get the permit,” Islam said.

Eaton-Welsh said the applicant did everything he could.

“I’m saddened,” Eaton-Welsh said. “The amount of anger that has come out of this was not something I ever thought Kennesaw was all about.”

The application asked for the use of a 2,200-square-foot suite in a shopping center off Jiles Road as a prayer hall for Muslims. The shopping center, called Kennesaw Commons, is at 2750 Jiles Road behind a Publix grocery store off Cobb Parkway.

The city attorney, Randall Bentley, and Dillard spoke for about 20 minutes before the council took a final vote on Monday. Dillard agreed to some stipulations in an attempt to compromise to address traffic-related concerns residents had about the mosque.

The application, submitted by Suffa Dawat Center at Kennesaw, states the facility will be used for five daily prayers lasting 10 to 15 minutes, and one 40 to 45 minute weekly prayer service on Fridays, which could see 60 to 80 people.

Dillard agreed to cap the building capacity at 80 people and limit the number of parking spaces the mosque could use to 40.

Abdul Amer, who represents the mosque, said the stipulations were a tactic the city used to control the mosque.

“They were trying to draft up some stipulations to push us around basically,” Amer said.

However, the council voted 2-3, with Debra Williams, Leonard Church and Jim Sebastian opposed, to deny the application even with the stipulations.

Then, the council voted 4-1 to deny the application as submitted to the city without the stipulations.

Sebastian refused to comment after the meeting.

Williams said she voted against the application because she did not think a religious center should operate inside a retail shopping center.

“I believe it’s a retail space. It’s as plain and simple as that,” Williams said.

Yet Williams and all four other council members voted unanimously in July to allow a Pentecostal church in a retail center when they approved Redeemed Christian Fellowship Church to use a 4,000 square-foot unit in a center on the corner of Ben King Road and Cherokee Street.

Mayor Mark Mathews did not allow the public to comment on the mosque proposal at the Monday meeting. He said the vote on the church didn’t set a precedent because each application needs to be considered on its own.

“This is not anything that the city ever takes lightly for a land use permit, regardless of what it’s for. We are charged with honoring the law, the laws within the city and the ordinances within the city,” Mathews said before the vote.

Crowds protest

A group of about 10 protestors gathered outside Kennesaw’s City Hall Monday evening ahead of the vote waving American flags and signs saying “no mosque.” About 20 other residents gathered to attend the meeting.

Karen Untz, who traveled to Kennesaw from Cumming to protest the mosque, said she was pleased with the council’s decision.

“(Muslims) are moving into all these small towns, and they’re camping out,” Untz said. “There’s no such thing as a temporary mosque. They claim the space, and they teach Shariah law.”

Kamaral Hosein, of Kennesaw, who said he is a Muslim, expressed disappointment in the council and in his fellow Americans after the vote.

“My reaction is, ‘Am I living in the United States of America? And am I really free? Or, am I just free if I’m like them?’” he asked, later specifying that “them” meant Christians.

Chad Legere, of Mableton, stood outside City Hall while the council discussed the issue waving signs in protest. He said he doesn’t want the United States to become the next Europe.

“There’s a way to stop Shariah law from getting into our country, and that’s what we’re doing,” Legere said.

Legere, who held a flag bearing the Star of David, said he thinks a mosque will bring radical Muslims to the community who will make the area unsafe.

“The Christian religion is very peaceful. It teaches us to turn the other cheek, and that’s what we’re doing,” Legere said. “This flag (with the Star of David) incites them. It makes them mad.”

Arden Stone, of Kennesaw, who said she is a Christian, supported the proposed prayer center.

“I’m upset, and I think it was a shameful decision,” Stone said. “Legally they have a right to be there. … I think the council was swayed either by their own prejudices or the prejudices of the people here protesting.”

Another protestor, Lynn Conner, of Kennesaw, said she protested the prayer center because she is scared of what Muslims stand for.

“I wanted to exercise my First Amendment rights while I still can, and I wanted to protect the Christian community that I live in against infiltration by the enemy who has gone on record with the goal to destroy everything we stand for,” Conner said.

People representing the Muslim faith and the prayer center said the protesters had a right to speak their minds, but David Scheidler, of Marietta, who said he is a Taoist, said he wished Christians would remember the history of their faith before speaking negatively about Islam.

“For people who use Christianity as an excuse to protest — when Christianity was small, it was persecuted too. So, if they were really remembering their roots, they wouldn’t be here,” Scheidler said.

The brother of the applicant, Kashit Islam, of Kennesaw, who said he is a Muslim, said the people against the mosque have a biased view of his religion.

“They’re totally isolated here based on what the news shows them. They’re just basing their decision on what’s going on in Iraq and Syria. We’re not like that,” Islam said.

Hosein said he does not appreciate outsiders judging his religion by only looking at people who are extremists.

“No one judges Christianity by the KKK, and that’s what they’re doing to us,” Hosein said.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Kennesaw City Council denies mosque in shopping center 

Suffa Dawat Center applicant Mufti Islam, left, looks around outside the Kennesaw City Council Chambers on Monday night as his attorney, Doug Dillard, talks with citizens supporting the worship center. The Kennesaw City Council denied the request to get a 2-year land-use permit to create a religious worship and education center. / Staff-Kelly J. Huff 

My comment on the MDJ's Internet Edition:

Bill in Kennesaw
What should be very clear here is that this unnecessary and badly timed application has fractured 
the local community and set  back Muslim/Christian relations here to about what it was 
1095-1291, during the 7 Christian Crusades. 
It is always possible that this was the intention from the start. If so, they did a fine job of it.
We can expect that Mosque lawyer Doug Dillard will complain to the DOJ under the
 'Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act', passed by Congress in 2000.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Kennesaw City Council denies mosque in shopping center 

MDJ articles in the online edition continue to get replies, you might want to take a look or even post on those sites.


After mosque site denied, Muslim group plans legal action against city of Kennesaw

Posted: Dec 03, 2014 6:09 PM ESTUpdated: Dec 03, 2014 6:16 PM EST

Proposed mosque site, on Jiles Road near Cobb ParkwayProposed mosque site, on Jiles Road near Cobb Parkway

Two days after members of the Kennesaw City Council voted 4-1 against a request by a Muslim group to open a mosque inside a shopping center, that group's leadership said they plan to explore legal action against the city. They would do so on grounds that their constitutional right to worship is being denied, according to their lawyer.
"The first amendment was the first amendment for a reason," said attorney Doug Dillard, representing the Suffat Dawat organization. "Our forefathers came to this country in order to worship the faith they wanted to worship in free and peaceful assembly. And that's being denied this group of Muslims."
Kennesaw city leaders declined to comment on the story Wednesday, citing that the case is now an open legal case. Before Monday's vote, Mayor Mark Mathews said the debate was solely over zoning, parking, and traffic flow in the area, and that religion had nothing to do with whatever decision might be made.
"I believe the council did not really want the Muslims to be there," said Amjad Taufique, one of the leaders of the group hoping to open the mosque. "It was not about the traffic, it was not about the parking."
Dillard said he was contacted by the Department of Justice once the vote was final Monday night. He expects the DOJ will get involved in the case, on some level.
"My recommendation for my client is to sue," Dillard said.

Read more:


NBC TV - 11 Alive's report 12/1/14
(with Video link)

KENNESAW, Ga. -- There will be no mosque in Kennesaw. At least not right away. The Kennesaw City Council voted on Monday to reject the request of a group of Muslims seeking to establish a worship center in the city.

Anti-Islamic demonstrators outside of Kennesaw City Hall made it clear that they believe an Islamic worship center is not welcome in Kennesaw.

The local Islamic group wanting to rent the retail space for their worship center agreed to every limitation that the Kennesaw city attorney wanted to impose, including a two-year only lease, no more than 80 worshipers allowed at a time and no more than 40 parking spaces could be used at a time.

It was just this past July when the City Council approved a request from a Christian church to rent space in a small retail center in Kennesaw for their worship services.

Councilmember Cris Eaton-Welsh made the motion to approve the Muslim's request to do the same, but the other four members refused, silently, without debate -- and without comment afterwards.

The attorney for the Muslim group, Doug Dillard, said they may sue the city in federal court. He said that in similar fights across Metro Atlanta, he has reached out-of-court settlements after suing the local governments. The cases never went to trial; the two sides ultimately reached a compromise.

The demonstrators are hoping that the city will continue to fight the Muslims' efforts to hold worship services in Kennesaw.

See full report at:

LIES and a $1,000,000 THREAT to the City of Kennesaw 

by Suffa Dawat Center

1) LIES by Mufti Islam In his submission to the City of Kennesaw Mr. F. Islam, of 3947 Mcguire Way, Kennesaw, states as fact, that in regards to the proposed strip mall Mosque:
'It should be noted that there is no such place within a 20 mile radius for the similar purpose.'

FACT: There are 74 Mosques in the greater Atlanta, with at least 7 Mosques in the Marietta area, all well within 20 miles claimed, and in fact a principal supporter and the actual man behind this Kennesaw Mosque, Mr. Abdul Kareem Amer, 2467 Sewell Mill Rd, Marietta, a wealthy Pakastani Muslim, lives just six blocks, a 2 minute drive, from the East Cobb Islamic Center at 1111 Braswell Rd, Marietta, and this is 11 miles or a 19 minute drive from the proposed Kennesaw strip mall Mosque. Mr. Amer can also take a 6 minute drive, 3.1 miles north of his $795,000, 10 room residence, to the Masjid Ibad-ur-Rahman Mosque at 2692 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta Mosque which is 8 miles from the proposed Kennesaw Mosque.

2) THREATS In the submission to the City of Kennesaw by the Mosque attorney Mr. Doug Dillard, he included a 3 page "Supplemental Letter of Intent" in which he quotes extensively and bombastically, from the 2000 'Free Exercise and Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) but neglects to mention that since the City will rely on long existing Ordnances to decide the matter and have not enacted ANY legislation to prohibit a Muslim Mosque, that this legislation has nothing to do with Kennesaw and has no practical application to this matter.

Mr Dillard closes his threatening missive by saying wrongly, that is is 'unconstitutional' to deny the Mosque at the strip mall and says further: 

"If action is not taken by the City to rectify this unconstitutional zoning classification within a reasonable time, a claim will be filed in the Superior Court of Cobb County demanding just and adequate compensation under Georgia law for the taking of the Property, diminution of value of the Property, attorney's fees and notless than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) in other damages arising out of the unlawful deprivation of the Applicant's property rights."

Mr. Dillard quotes laws incorrectly and seems to think that he can just run roughshod over the Citizens of Kennesaw.

Mr. Dillard and his former associate Ms. Andrea Jones have lost City Council battles twice in the last 4 years in attempts to get major expansions of Mosques in both Alpharetta (the Islamic Center of North Georgia) and Lilburn (the Dar-E-Abbas Mosque). The Alpharetta issue was the above mentioned RLUIPA law. It didn't apply in Alpharetta and it won't apply in Kennesaw.  The Alpharetta matter was eventually settled with the Mosque allowed to open a much more reduced Mosque than was initially demanded.



A week prior to this I had emailed the Kennesaw Chief of Police asking for the information.  No reply, so now I have made the inquiry 'official'.  

The space available in unit #109 is 2,200 sq. ft. less space for 2 bathrooms and some office area, leaving 1,500 sq ft for worship services.  I want to know what the KPD and Cobb Fire Marshal consider the Maximum Occupancy.

Here is the tentative reply:

From: Mark Rice  
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2014 3:35 PM 
To: Debra Taylor; William Westenberger 

Subject: RE: ORR - Bill Harris 

Until construction plans are submitted, I can only guess at the occupant loads for this suite based upon the applicant's engineer report. 

At 2200 square feet, the occupant load would be 315 people. 

This could change once the final construction plans are submitted and the final floor plan is shown to me.  

Mark Rice CBO MCP
Building Official 
City of Kennesaw


Kennesaw tables Islamic center vote
by Hilary Butschek
November 18, 2014 04:00 AM | 310 views | 0 0 comments | 15 15 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Kennesaw resident Carol Roberston speaks out against a proposed Islamic center on Jiles Road. The people behind her stood in support of what she was saying. <br>Staff-Kelly Huff
Kennesaw resident Carol Roberston speaks out against a proposed Islamic center on Jiles Road. The people behind her stood in support of what she was saying. 
Staff-Kelly Huff
Atlanta attorney Doug Dillard, representing the prposedcenter, addresses the council, asking for them to vote in favor of it
Atlanta attorney Doug Dillard, representing the prposedcenter, addresses the council, asking for them to vote in favor of it

KENNESAW — After a heated discussion between residents and council members that lasted more than two hours, the Kennesaw City Council tabled a vote Monday that would have decided whether to allow an Islamic worship center in a Kennesaw shopping plaza.

The City Council voted 3-2, with Leonard Church and Debra Williams opposed, to delay the vote by two weeks to its Dec. 1 council meeting.

Councilwoman Cris Eaton-Welsh said she wanted to allow time for the residents who spoke at the meeting to resolve their concerns about the Islamic center.

“I (request) to table this so that the communities can have some conversations and see if we can’t get rid of some of these misunderstandings,” Eaton-Welsh said.

Doug Dillard, the attorney representing the applicant, Suffa Dawat Center at Kennesaw, said they plan to make themselves available in the next two weeks so city employees can schedule a neighborhood meeting to discuss the center. Dillard said he thinks the issues residents brought up Monday can be resolved.

“Absolutely, I think they’re very solvable,” Dillard said.

The proposal would turn a 2,200-square-foot suite in a shopping center off Jiles Road into a prayer hall for Muslims.

The shopping center, called Kennesaw Commons, is at 2750 Jiles Road behind a Publix grocery store off Cobb Parkway. 

Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews said the city has never approved a permit for any type of religious facility in a retail environment that he can remember.

Eighteen people spoke to a standingroom only crowd Monday night in the Kennesaw council chambers.

Ashley Haspel, who owns a beauty salon inside the shopping center and lives in Kennesaw, said she is concerned people attending the prayer hall would use too many parking places, leaving no room for her customers.

“A worship center has no place being in a retail center. There are many other places for a worship center … Any religious organization does not fit the profile of bringing commerce to a retail center. It would hurt our business not having the parking for our customers,” Haspel said.

According to the application for the permit, the daily prayer services would likely be attended by 10 to 20 people and the weekly prayer service will see 60 to 80 people. 

Abdul Amer, a traffic engineer representing the Islamic center, said he did a traffic study on the parking lot and found with maximum attendance at the prayer sessions, there would be 20 additional cars in the shopping center’s lot. The shopping plaza has 127 parking spaces.

“It’s a small percentage of the parking lot being used today. Any concerns by retailers are just unfounded,” Amer said.

Mathews took issue with the statement, asking Amer repeatedly if he was sure about the estimate.

“That’s your testimony? Under oath? As a professional engineer?” Mathews asked. 

Amer stood by his statements. 

Arden Stone, a Kennesaw resident, said she encouraged the council to approve using the suite in the retail center as a prayer hall.

“I think a lot of the rhetoric that we’re hearing (from residents) is based on a lot of fear and discrimination. My daughter is a Muslim and I don’t want her to come home and find people who won’t live next door to her. I urge you to reflect what I believe America stands for,” Stone said to the crowd and the council.

The application, submitted by Suffa Dawat Center at Kennesaw, states the facility will be used for five daily prayers lasting 10 to 15 minutes, which happen before sunrise, at 2 p.m., a couple hours before sunset, right after sunset and a couple hours after sunset.

Another 40 to 45 minute weekly prayer service will happen at 2 p.m. on Fridays, according to the application.

The center will also offer hour-long education programs a few evenings a week, when followers of Islam will gather to study religious texts. 

Not a religious debate, mayor says 

Before people were allowed to speak at the meeting, Mathews told the crowd comments about religion would be not permitted.

“This is not intended to be a religious debate or a discussion about people’s religious beliefs. It’s a purely technical hearing on the appropriate land use for a piece of property in the city of Kennesaw,” Mathews said.

However, some residents made allegations the teachings inside the prayer center would encourage the practice of Sharia law, something resident Jo Talley said made her fear for her safety.

“I am first a Christian and then an American citizen. As a Christian I am to put no other God before my Lord, and I am also to love my neighbor. If you know me, then you know that I do my best to do those things … but I also have the right to protect myself. This project has to do with Sharia law,” Talley said.

Mathews said the council considered the application by focusing on the facts associated with the use of the space.

“What we’re charged with is reviewing the zoning data and just sticking strictly with the technical information on the zoning and land use,” Mathews said.

Mathews said he was concerned the prayer services would occur during the day, when retail shops are open.

“I think the biggest issue right now is the potential conflict with the times of their meetings and how it might interfere with retail shops. Their meetings are during the week and daily and then a big weekly meeting on Friday. I’m not sure of the times but I understand they’re during business hours. (The concern was) parking and just an influx of people coming in for their meetings,” Mathews said.

Anthony Bonner, a Kennesaw resident, said he didn’t think a religious center would fit in with the community.

“There’s a clear understanding of the moral values that this mosque is going to present to the community, and we need to keep in mind whether this is in line with the values of our community. It’s bigger than just zoning and parking,” Bonner said. “This is bigger than right and wrong. This is not a religious debate. This is about a comment on the value and the merits of a community.”

Somaia Khalil, a Kennesaw resident, said as a future attendee of the center, she was willing to work with any resident about traffic or noise levels, should they arise in the future.

“We’re willing to work with the landlord about any problems,” Khalil said. “I’m willing myself to go there and clean and whatever they want. For two years, just give us a chance. If we are not good for the place then we’ll leave it. It’s that simple.”

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Kennesaw tables Islamic center vote 

Comments-icon Post a Comment

Be Careful
3 Hours Ago
This is easy.

The applicant LIED.

When he filed paperwork he stated that there were NO other Islamic centers within 20 miles of Kennesaw.

That has been discovered to be totally untrue.

The request should be flat out denied on the basis that the request is based on a lie. Period, end of story.

If they are going to lie about that, what else are they going to lie about?

Common Sense
3 Hours Ago
City Council, please grow a spine and listen to the constituents who put you in office. Retail space is just that. You would be bending the law on the books to do this,so don't. Why would any of us who oppose this center want to do business with you? Why would we vote you back into office? You are about to tear down a really good place to live as you go down the politically correct route to appease a small group who did not vote you into office.

Southern Patriot
4 Hours Ago
This marks the beginning of the end of our culture and heritage. Islam is incompatible with the American way of life. It seeks to destroy anyone who opposes it, convert or die.

Bill in Kennesaw
5 Hours Ago
What is really going on here in Kennesaw?

You have to wonder who is agitating the Muslim community to open a store front Mosque for 20 families? With 74 Mosques in North Georgia why the sudden interest in a store front facility in a 2nd rate mall?

Do those backing this really want a Mosque or are they looking to divide the community with this bogus issue?

Are a few agitators simply stirring the pot to promote discord and split the community?

Instead of just covering Council meetings the Press should be taking a look at who is actually behind this Mosque.

Frankly, something smells here and some investigative reporter might come up with what it is.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Kennesaw tables Islamic center vote 


Kennesaw mosque proposal faces opposition
Kennesaw mosque proposal tabled for now

11Alive Staff, WXIA12:24 a.m. EST November 18, 2014

The Kennesaw City Council tabled a vote Monday evening on a proposal that would allow a mosque to open in the middle of a shopping center. 11Alive News

KENNESAW, Ga. (WXIA) – Before a packed meeting Monday evening, the Kennesaw City Council tabled a vote on a proposal that would allow an Islamic worship center to open in the middle of a shopping center, Kennesaw Commons, on Jiles Road near U.S. 41.
The plan drew sharp debate over both zoning and Islam itself.
Supporters said the permit they are seeking would only be for two years, while they find a permanent location for the worship center. The group's application says they would hold daily prayers five times a day -- involving about ten people each time -- as well as a larger and longer worship service each Friday afternoon involving 60 to 80 people.
Opponents argued that a place of worship, no matter the religion, has no place in a retail strip mall. Some expressed opposition to the presence of Muslims, period, saying the worship center in Kennesaw "will endanger our freedom."
"And it's all about safety," said a speaker. "Look at the TV every night. It's global."
"I think that a lot of the rhetoric that we're hearing is based on a lot of fear and discrimination," said one woman. "I urge you to reflect on what I believe America stands for – that we can live together on this planet peacefully."
The council decided not to vote on the proposal on Monday, but rather to table it instead.
Council Member Cris Eaton-Welsh made the motion to table it for two weeks. Her motion passed 3 to 2. Voting to table it were Eaton-Welsh, Tim Killingsworth and Jim Sebastian. Voting against tabling it were Leonard Church and Debra Williams.
When it does come up for a vote, that may not be the final word. The losing side is likely to appeal in the courts.



    KENESAW, Ga. — The Kennesaw City Council heard from passionate speakers but postponed a decision on plans to place a temporary mosque at a shopping center.
The temporary mosque would be placed at the corner of a strip mall on Jiles Road for as long as two years.
Mayor Mark Matthews told Channel 2 Action News that most of the objections are based on religious grounds, but the city planned to review the proposal based simply on code compliance.
The group applying for the permit told city leaders that as many as 20 families would worship at the center until they can find a permanent home.
Matthews said it's the first time a religious group has applied for a retail location. There are concerns from some that frequent prayer services will conflict with other businesses nearby.
The second and final public hearing took place Tuesday in Kennesaw with residents packing the room to have their voices heard.
After several hours of public comment, city leaders tabled a decision for two weeks.


Kennesaw city council tables vote on islamic worship center in strip mall

Posted: Nov 17, 2014 6:56 PM ESTUpdated: Nov 17, 2014 11:31 PM EST
KENNESAW, GA (CBS46) -Some Kennesaw residents want to turn part of a strip mall into an Islamic worship center."It would be very good for us," said Melissa Mueller.Mueller is the program manager for the Edge Kitchen, a non profit organization that teaches veterans and low income entrepreneurs how to run successful food related businesses. She says finding occupants for the vacant portion of the strip mall is a good idea.
"It would help to have better traffic in here because we are going to have people start selling food out of here so that would be really great," said Mueller.
The Suffa Dawat Center in Kennesaw has applied for a 24 month permit that would allow religious worship and education services at the strip mall until a permanent location is found.
"I don't like it," said Jesse Bullock.
Bullock lives across the street from the strip mall.
"I don't want them near me because the way I look at it is these people have shown me they can't be trusted," Bullock said.
The Kennesaw City Council scheduled a vote on whether to grant the permit Monday night. Mueller said she hopes the council does what's right.
"It is just a worship center, it is not even like it is going to be anything that is going to hurt anybody," Mueller said.
The council met, but ended up not making a decision. They will meet again on Dec. 1.
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  Who are the 3 major players in this matter?

Abdul Kareem Amer,  2467 SEWELL MILL RD, Marietta 30062     (Pakastani)

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Class Residential Small Tracts
Total Acres .9         Total Land Sq ft: 39204
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Neighborhood 1608 - 9991 HOMESITE

Subdivision Number 9991
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Abdul Kareem Amer LILY ESTATES, LLC

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PROPERTY LOCATION: On the east side of Old Canton Road south of Roswell Road (1060 Old Canton Road).

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ROBINSON ESTATES LLC, Control Number: 13385720
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Tax District 3 - City of Kennesaw


Mr. Mufti F. Islam, 3947 McGuire Way, Kennesaw, 30144      (Pakastani)

This is the applicant for the Suffa Dawat center and he is one of the persons behind the  Center which has applied for the 24 month use permit.  It is an easy drive from his home to the strip mall
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Suffa Dawat Center Inc is a Georgia Corporation filed on August 29, 2014. The company's filing status is listed as Active/Compliance and its File Number is 14092856.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Mufti F Islam and is located at 3947 Mcguire Way Kennesaw, GA 30144. The company's principal address is Mufti Islam 3947 Mcguire Way Kennesaw, GA 30144.

The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Mufti F Islam from Kennesaw GA.
Company Information
File Number:   14092856   Filing State:  Georgia (GA)
Filing Status:   Active/Compliance  Filing Date:  August 29, 2014
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Registered Agent:   Mufti F Islam, 3947 Mcguire Way, Kennesaw, GA 30144
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Suffa Dawat Center INC   Control Number: 14092856
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Name:  MUFTI F ISLAM, 3947 MCGUIRE WAY,  kennesaw,  Ga  30144



I understand that one reason the Pakastani group cited for wanting a store front Mosque in Kennesaw is that there are none within 20 miles and this is to far for them to drive.

Regarding the availability of Islamic mosques etc in the Atlanta area I found this site to have a listing of various mosques:

In the Atlanta area there are:
74 Mosques
11 Schools
158 Restaurants
187 Markets

Within 8 KM (5 Mi) of zip code 30152 there are
7 Mosques
1 School
18 Restaurants
32 Markets


Soheil Saffaripoor, 9690 Loblolly Ln, Roswell, GA 30075        (Iranian)

Home Fair Market Value:  $132,700   (Yrly Tax:  $1,627.07)
Owner:  Kennesaw Commons, 2750 Jiles Rd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144,  3.76 acres, Fair Market Value:  $1,206,580 (yrly Tax:  $14,459.64)
Saffari Investments, LLC,  Office Tel:  (770) 864-8060,
Home Address:  Soheil Saffaripoor, 9690 Loblolly Ln, Roswell, GA 30075-4307  Home Tel:   (770) 676-6444
Kennesaw Commons is a mixed-use development shopping center. This strip mall is located on Jiles Road, just off the highly trafficked US 41 (Cobb Pkwy), directly behind a Publix Anchored retail center in Kennesaw, GA (North Atlanta MSA).

The shopping center includes 24,200 SF retail building, 2 self storage buildings totaling 9,400 SF and 60 RV / Boat Parking spaces

Kennesaw Commons Tenants:
Edge Kitchen
Exodus Health Center
Unique Salon and Spa
Two Men and a Truck
Candy Man
Blue Canopy
Lockett Color

SAFFARI INVESTMENTS, LLC Control Number: 11072716
Entity Id 4158230

Business Name SAFFARI INVESTMENTS, LLC  Registration Date  9/27/2011
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PRINCIPAL Line 2750 Jiles Road Suite 100, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144
Is non-commercial Registered Agent? Yes  Name Soheil Saffaripoor
Address 2750 Jiles Road Suite 100  Kennesaw  Georgia 30144


Peggy Saffaripoor on facebook at:
Current city:  Roswell, Georgia
Hometown:  Tehran, Iran     Languages:  Farsi vs. Persian · English


Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000

Information you might want to file away in case Mosque lawyer Doug Dillard files against the City.  I haven't read all of it and wouldn't unless it ends up in court, but it doesn't hurt to have the info filed away.




Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000

10 page Statement of the Department of Justice on the Land-Use Provisions of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA)

15 Page Report on the Tenth Anniversary of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act

37 Page Alpharetta Georgia Case


Something here for those interested in Mosques in the US:

1) ‘How to Start a Masjid’ (Keys to managing a Successful Masjid) 67 pages:


2) ‘Controversies Over Mosques and Islamic Centers Across the U.S.’ Sept 2012, 22 pages. Summary of 53 Mosque and Worship Center problems.